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Social Responsibility: Small Business Practices for Remaining Responsible and Sustainable

At our law office, we believe it is our duty to be socially responsible while practicing sustainable solutions for our success and development. Being socially responsible in a technology driven society can at times be difficult. However, with a few easy steps, sustainability can be achieved and benefits realized.

Save Paper, Save Trees

The “Cloud” allows information to be accessed between individuals without the necessity of printing copious amounts of documents to later be thrown in the garbage and turned to waste product. A simple solution such as this may be easily overlooked but is greatly beneficial to sustainable business practices.

Compost + Recycle

Some documents must be printed, used and then thrown out. Those are made into compost shreds. Composting is one of the simplest ways to enhance soil naturally and help nature succeed. Here at Nor Cal Criminal Law, we use the shreds of paper from old documents to turn into compost for sustainable gardening solutions where it can be continually utilized to provide benefits that would otherwise go unattained with simple recycling or wasting practices. Attorney Susan Hearne for example uses this soil to provide habitat for bees, butterflies bird species, both saving client’s money and saving the planet. Our copies use soy ink, so there is no damage to the soil, and we all benefit !

Nor Cal Criminal Law Helps the Environment

No Plastic Bottles

We have a water cooler. This saves us all from hundreds of plastic water bottles. Recycling is yet another sustainable practice that our law office takes seriously to uphold its social responsibility. Whether it be paper, plastic, or glass.  We fill the recyclables container more often than the waste bin.  This helps to provide materials for reuse that would otherwise contribute to increased, unnecessary waste at local landfills.

Serving the Community

Sustainable practices  aren’t the only thing we do here at Nor Cal Criminal Law. We make it a priority to provide serve our community. This is social responsibility in a way that gives back. Discounts to military personnel is just but one example of a way in which we give back by showing our gratitude for the sacrifices our troops make in order to provide us with a better way of life.

Other community service involves donations to local and national organizations that provide great services to the our people and planet. Some of the businesses and non-profits that we donate to include:

The Boys and Girls Club - http://www.bgca.org/Pages/index.aspx

Catalyst - http://www.catalystdvservices.org/

Ability 1st - http://www.abilityfirstsports.org/

The Gateway Science Museum - http://www.csuchico.edu/gateway/

The Nature Conservancy 

Please, take some time to check out one or more of these great community driven organizations and their offerings. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with and donate to these wonderful groups.